For new players, a lot of phrases, sayings, and terms at an online casino can be a little baffling. The casino industry is an old one and a lot of unique words have come about since then. But we at Jet10 will catch you up to speed in no time. Before you start playing the best casino slots, poker, baccarat, or whatever casino game you fancy, check out our top 10 most common casino phrases.

10 Most Common Casino Phrases 

  1. Wagering Requirement – this is a phrase you’ll see all over casino bonuses and should not be misunderstood.  The wagering requirement is the rules of an online casino bonus. Read them carefully to get the most out of any casino bonus offers.
  2. Max bet – fairly obvious but still overlooked by some newbies. The max bet refers to the maximum stake allowed at an online casino game. It can apply to the best casino slots, table games, or live casino games too. So, high rollers may want to pay attention in order to find the biggest tables.
  3. Bankroll – so bankroll refers to how much real money a player has in their casino account. Your bankroll may also refer to how much money you are willing to risk playing online cash games.
  4. RTP – RTP or Return to Player is a statistical representation of how often a casino game will return the player’s bets. Think of it as the odds of winning at a particular game. RTP is most commonly used to describe online casino slots but can apply to table games like blackjack too.
  5. Sweeten the Pot – you may hear or read this phrase when playing table games like Texas Hold’em or Teen Patti. This means to raise the bet and put more money in the pot. The pot referring to the total real money being played for. 


  1. Chips – online casinos deal primarily in real money and will refer to your bankroll as real currency most of the time. However, some live games and even slot machine games online will still refer to your stakes as chips. Chips represent a real money amount that you can then wager on casino games.
  2. Hot and Cold – You’ll see live casino dealers talk about hot and cold numbers during roulette games quite often. Hot numbers refer to a number that has frequently appeared in a set number of spins, while cold numbers are those that haven’t appeared very often in that same amount of time.
  3. Action – you may not hear this from dealers too often anymore, but some old-school live dealers still like to use the phrase. If a dealer asks you “what’s your action?”, they are waiting for your decision – say in a game of blackjack and it’s your turn to take a card.  
  4. High roller – the goal of every casino player, a high roller is a player who has the bankroll to make extremely high wagers. We’re talking bigger stakes for far bigger rewards! These players like to place the max bet as often as possible.
  5. Shark/Sharp – somewhat of a compliment if a dealer calls you this. A card shark is a player of great skill. Typically, sharks or sharps are unassuming, and over time shows their skill at online gambling for real money.

How To Set Up An Online Casino Account? 

Setting up an account to play live casino online games and many other real money games is totally easy. At Jet10, you can be registered within minutes. All you need is some basic details like your name, number, address, and email to get started. Next, choose a payment method such as Skrill or NETELLER to make a deposit and you’re all set to go. You’ll have access to plenty of exciting real money games like Texas Hold’em, casino slots, and virtual table games.

How To Choose an Online Casino to Play?

Firstly, why play live casino and online slot games? Because they are so much fun and you can win real money. But first, you have to choose an online casino to play at. It’s not that difficult to decide though. You’ll want to look for the following features:

  • Licenced – like Jet10, you want your online casino choice to be fully licensed. That means the games are fair, safe, and the casino uses excellent security features.
  • Great bonus offers – Jet10 offers regular bonus offers all the time. The best online casinos will offer a welcome bonus with good wagering requirements too.
  • Lots of real money games – that’s why you’re here after all. You’ll need to make sure that the online casino has your favorite real money games and a big selection to choose from. Thankfully, Jet10 has a massive collection of table games, live casino games, and plenty of casino slots too.
  • Payment Methods – finally, you don’t want any fuss when it comes to funding your bankroll. You’ll want several popular payment methods and fast transaction times too. Deposits at Jet10 are typically instant and our withdrawal times are fast too.

The Best Casino to Register and Win Real Cash

There is only one online casino that we think is the absolute best for live casino games, online slot machines, and other real money games – Jet10! At Jet10 you can play everything from blackjack to casino slots, any time you like. The live casino games are always available, and we are constantly adding the best casino slots we can find.

If you like real money games, sports betting and being treated like a real high roller VIP, then Jet10 is the best online casino for you.


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