There are so many ways to bet on your favorite sports across a wide range of markets. Whether using betting lines or fractional odds, it is possible to place a wager on a market that considers 3 possible outcomes. That’s because so many sports feature tied or drawn events. Most common place in online football betting and hockey sports betting, the 3-way bet can be a way to get higher odds. 

To learn more about 3-way betting at Jet10, read on for our comprehensive guide. 

3-Way Betting Explained

A 3-way wager is a bet placed on an event that has 3 possible outcomes. That is a win, lose or draw. 3-way bets have higher odds than a 2-way bet because it considers this third outcome. This means a three bet has 2 ways to lose (loss, draw) and only one way to win. 3-way bets are very commonplace these days with most bookies, including Jet10, offering the draw option as a possible outcome. 

Despite the risk, why do punters still place wagers on 3-way markets? The increased odds, of course. With the added possibility of a draw, the odds – even on a favorite – are increased, meaning it is more valuable to wager on the favourite in a 3-way market than on a 2-way market. 

3-Way Bets in Different Sports with Examples

Different sports offer different markets. Some sports may only offer 3-way markets on the basic outcome of an event, while others include various other markets like goals scored and sets won. Here are a few of the most popular 3-way events at sports betting sites with examples.

 3-Way Bets in Hockey

Ice Hockey is one of those sports that sees many drawn outcomes. Some teams can be evenly matched and wagering on the draw is sometimes a good idea. A 3-way outcome market in hockey sports betting refers to regular time and does not consider penalty shoot outs or overtime. This means if a match goes into overtime, you will win a draw bet. 

An example of a hockey 3-way bet with fractional odds would look like:

  • Vancouver Canucks Win: 3/1
  • Edmonton Oilers Win: 6/1
  • Draw: 2/1

 3-Way Bets in Soccer

The most popular form of 3-way bet at online betting sites for soccer is a bet on the match outcome. This is because the draw outcome is very common in soccer matches. For example, a common wager market will be:

  • Manchester United Win: -150
  • Arsenal Win: +250
  • Draw: +190

  3-Way Bets in Rugby

Besides betting on the result of a rugby match, there are also 3-way markets for the total number of points scored. The bookie in this case would set different lines and margins on how many points will be scored in a single match. For example:

  • Over 20
  • Under 20
  • Over 40


How To Place A 3-Way Bet?

Placing a 3-way bet isn’t as complicated as it may seem. A 3-way market is very clearly outlined on the betting page of a particular event at Jet10 and the most novice of punters will have no problem identifying a 3-way market. To place a bet, simply select the 3-way market of your choosing and then select the outcome you wish to bet on. Nominate a stake amount and then confirm the wager to place the bet. 

How To Win A 3-Way Bet?

There is no magic or secret sauce to winning a 3-way bet at online betting sites. Whether hockey sports betting or rugby, the best way to increase your chances of winning a 3-way bet is to increase your knowledge of the sports and the parties involved. When it comes to sports betting, nothing compares to expert sporting knowledge. 

More often than not, a punter who has a strong knowledge of a sport will win more often than a punter who does not. This is because they can read the game, know which players are stronger than others, and can understand the small intricacies of a sport that can dramatically affect the outcome.

Where to wager with 3-way online betting?

Hockey sports betting, rugby, tennis, or online football betting, at Jet10, we have 3-way markets for a number of popular sports. Finding 3-way markets is easy using the intuitive Jet10 platform and we have so much more to offer. Need a break from sports betting online? Then try our live online casino for real money featuring popular casino classics like roulette, blackjack, and poker. 

Register an account to collect a sports or new online casino welcome bonus and try 3-way betting online today!



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