Andar Bahar is one of the most popular online casino card games to come out of India. Now played across the entire world thanks to the global reach of online casinos, anyone can win real money playing Andar Bahar. 

But is there a secret winning formula for Andar Bahar? At Jet10 Casino, we’ll teach you how to play Andar Bahar and offer a few Andar Bahar tricks along the way. The Andar Bahar game rules are so simple, and punters could win real money in minutes. 

Andar Bahar Rules for Newbies 

In a nutshell, Andar Bahar is a guessing game, where the player wagers on which side of the table a matching card will be drawn. The dealer will initially draw a Game Card, then the dealer will draw one card on the Andar side of the table and another on the Bahar side. The dealer will continue drawing to the Andar and Bahar sides until a card of the same value as the Game Card is revealed. 

Your job as the player is to wager on whether the card will be revealed on the Andar side or the Bahar side. You’ve got 50/50 odds and there are no other decisions to be made that can affect the state of the game – Just pick a side and the dealer will begin. 

Andar Bahar Winning Tricks 

Frankly, there isn’t too much you can do in terms of Andar Bahar’s tricks. There are no card combinations to match up, or decisions to be made – other than the wager – and the odds are 50/50. It’s a game that is as pure to chance as you can get. 

  • Andar or Bahar – while the odds are generally 50/50, the house edge is technically lower when you bet on the side that the first card will be dealt. So, you could pay attention to the suit and slightly increase your odds by wagering on the appropriate side. Many online Andar Bahar games will deal from the Andar side first, meaning the house edge will be lower if you wager on Andar.
  • Leverage side bets – Andar Bahar is a real money game with side bets. Those side bets have larger payout odds than the initial wager and can be leveraged for bigger paydays. You could triple your wager by betting on the suit or more than double it by guessing how many cards will be dealt before the Game Card is revealed. 
  • Ignore the statistics – again, the Andar Bahar real money game is basically 50/50. So, the stats provided in-game are generally useless and won’t provide many insights other than telling you how random the game is. Don’t dwell on them too much and don’t let them consume your betting strategy.

Andar Bahar Martingale Strategy 

We’re going to remind all punters that the Martingale Strategy does not guarantee a win. It was a strategy originally devised for roulette and over time has found it’s way to almost every casino game that offers anything in the realm of 50/50 odds. So how does this strategy work?

  • For every losing bet, you must double your wager on the next round.
  • For every winning bet, you return to your initial wager.

In theory, this strategy pays out because you can’t always win and always lose. However, the reality is much different. You can go on long losing streaks and unless you have an infinite bankroll, you’d never make up the losses – this is especially true after a number of consecutive losses as the table limit would stop you from winning more than you lost using this strategy.

At Jet10 Casino, we do not think this is an Andar Bahar winning formula. 

Where To Play Andar Bahar Card Game Online?

The best place to use your Andar Bahar winning tricks is at Jet10 Casino. Jet10 is an Andar Bahar live casino – meaning you’ll play with other punters, alongside a real-life dealer and a delightfully-themed live stream. 

Sign up to Jet10 Casino and use your new welcome bonus in the Andar Bahar card game today.



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