There are so many unique ways to bet on your favorite sports at an online sportsbook like Jet10. One of those bet types is Asian Handicap betting. Asian handicap bets are common in football and golf, but also can be found in other sports like hockey too. If you’ve never heard of Asian handicap betting, then let Jet10 explain it all to you now.

Handicap Meaning 

The concept of handicapping at a sportsbook is to make it more difficult to achieve a result that is likely to happen. For example, Asian Handicap football bets might make the in-form team require more goals to win a bet than the opposition team. This form of betting can help make the betting environment more level and, in some sports, it can remove the draw result from the equation. 

Asian Handicap Example

For this example, let’s take a look at an Asian handicap for football betting. In a match between Manchester United and Arsenal, Man United is the favorite. So, the handicap is given at one and a half goals:

Man United: – 1.5

Arsenal: + 1.5

The team that scores the most goals with this Asian handicap applied will be the winner. So, in this scenario, if you bet on Man United to win, they must defeat Arsenal by 2 goals or more. 


How To Read An Asian Handicap

The easiest way to understand and read an Asian handicap is to look for the positives (+) and negatives (-). You just need to think of the Asian handicap as a head start. At a handicap of + 1, you are basically saying that your bet is for that team to win, lose or draw by less than 1 goal. If you see an Asian Handicap 0, that means that both teams are even, and none have the virtual advantage. 

Check out Asian Handicap odds in the Jet10 live sportsbook.

Asian Handicap Odds 

Betting with an Asian handicap does affect your odds. Asian betting odds are usually close to 1:1 or 1.90/2.00. This is because Asian handicap betting is as close to a 50/50 bet as you can get since factors like a draw are removed from the equation. 

Naturally, some of the very best Asian handicap odds can be found at the Jet10 sportsbook. Further assistance on Asian Handicap odds can be found by using an Asian handicap calculator. There are plenty of free ones available online – simply search for the Asian Handicap calculator and take your pick!

Asian Handicap When Betting on Football 

The most common use of the Asian Handicap can be seen in football markets. This makes sense as many important matches can result in draws and many punters see that as a great imbalance. Jet10 is a fair sportsbook, so we offer Asian Handicap football odds to all-out players. 

With the Asian Handicap odds closer to even, the possibility of winning a football bet is much higher than a regular bet. You’ll find that Asian Handicap football betting is the easiest way to learn how to use this bet type.

Asian Handicap When Betting on Golf 

You may find yourself asking – how does a golf handicap work? Like many sports that are popular in America, a handicap is always applied. Golf players all play from a handicap and betting on the favorite is essentially betting to overcome the handicap. The point is so that every golfer in the event has an even chance of defeating the favorite. 


Where To Bet on Sports Safely and Easily?

The best Asian handicap odds and markets can be found at Jet10. At Jet10, you can find Asian Handicap football, golf, and several other sporting markets. Asian Handicap betting makes the playing field a little fairer and Jet10 is the best online sportsbook to wager on your favorite sports. So, why not collect a welcome sports bonus, find your favorite events, and have a crack at an Asian Handicap bet today! 

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