Jet10 live casino is a home for the most popular live games provided by the best software providers. The games offered in Jet10 include the Blitz Blackjack from Netent. The Blitz Blackjack is an exclusive game you can play in the Jet10 Live Casino.

How to Play Blitz Blackjack?

Branded Casino Blitz Blackjack from Netent is based on the rules of the regular Blackjack. The players shall have a hand that will beat the dealer by getting close to 21. Blitz Blackjack is unique in terms of its graphics and sound.

Blitz Blackjack Strategy and Rules

Blitz Blackjack rules are simple, and it is a low stake game— the players can play the game with as little as €1 to a maximum of €100. The players wait for the dealer to start the game. When the game begins, the players can place their Hit, Split, Double Down, or Stand bets. The Blitz Blackjack is different from the regular one because the players place their bets with a timer. All bets must be placed before the timer runs out.

To build a strategy, you can refer to the Billboard of the game developed by Netent. On Billboard, you will see the game statistics. You can check out the position of the dealer in previous games ad make a bet accordingly.

Live Blitz Blackjack Payouts

The payout scheme for Blitz Blackjack is the same as the regular Blackjack game. The RTP of the Blitz Blackjack game is 99.5%, making it a high volatility game. Since you can’t bet higher then €100, you can test your blackjack strategies on Blitz to see how you are doing without risking much.

The win in Blackjack pays 1:1. The natural bet payout is 3:2, and that is the highest return in the game. If you make an insurance bet, the payout will be 2:1.

Jet10: Best Casino to Play Blitz Blackjack for Real Money

If you have decided to play online Blackjack, and you want to make it quick with low stakes, you should try Blitz Blackjack from Netent. But where to play the game? Jet10 is a legit and reliable casino offering the best live Blackjack games with the most lucrative bonuses. Register now to play the Blitz Blackjack or any other 34 Blackjack games!

Play Live Blitz Blackjack

Every player must consider two factors when playing live dealer casino games: the developer of the game and the casino offering the game. Jet10 is the kind of an online casino where you can play that particular Blackjack game and be confident that you will get your winnings without any shenanigans.

Best Live Casino Bonuses

Jet10 offers nonstop promotions for the players! First, you can sign up and claim your welcome offer, and wait for the other bonuses to come. Jet10 is always trying to make sure that every player picks up the best possible casino bonus to play with the best casino games! Get the best casino bonuses HERE!

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