We all want that edge over the competition. Whether it be in the workplace, on the field, or when cricket betting online. Handicap betting is one way of lengthening cricket betting odds and increasing your chances of picking a winner. Using Handicap cricket betting, you can balance out the odds of a favorite or increase the likelihood of the underdog producing a winning result. 

We love to offer free cricket betting tips at Jet10 Casino. So, we’ve got the ultimate guide to handicap cricket betting and how to win at cricket betting online.

What is Handicap Betting? 

At its core, handicap betting is a wager where a selection in a particular event is given a handicap that must be overcome to be considered a winner. For example, in football, the handicap is used to offset the odds of a favourite by making it so they need to score more goals if they win. 

In an online cricket betting context, the handicap will refer to the number of runs required by a team. Let’s say Bangladesh is playing England – you could apply a handicap of -10.5 to England so that Bangladesh requires fewer runs to win the bet. 

So, the handicap meaning in betting is to apply either a positive or negative handicap to a selection, in order to improve your odds of winning.

Cricket Handicap Betting Tips 

Of course, every punter would like to know how to win at cricket betting. Handicap betting can certainly aid in achieving that, but we have a few free cricket betting tips to make sure you have all the tools to succeed. 

  • In-play betting – the best way to leverage handicap betting is to use it during live, in-play betting. That’s because you can wager on the back half of the game, having seen the total in the first innings by either the favorite or the underdog. 
  • Understand the format – the size of your handicap can differ greatly depending on which format of cricket you are wagering on. If you are online cricket betting on a T20 match, the handicap size will probably be smaller than that of an ODI match, where there are more overs to chase down bigger totals. 
  • Know the players – this is one of the most important cricket betting tips for in-play betting and handicap betting. Knowing the players will help you predict whether a team is a chance of chasing a total down. A team could be 5 wickets down chasing 200, but if you know the next 3 batsmen are notorious for chasing down big totals, a handicap bet could be very good value. 
  • Look for smaller leagues – the online cricket betting odds on top leagues like the IPL are well researched and considered. However, most bookies will not put as much effort into lessor leagues or tournaments. Therefore, those leagues will likely have better odds on a favorite winning, which you can push even further with handicap betting.

Handicap Betting on Other Sports

Online cricket betting isn’t the only sport to benefit from handicap betting. There are also a few other popular sports that handicap betting that can provide a distinct advantage to the savvy punter. 

  • Football – probably the most well-known of handicap betting sports and often referred to as Asian handicap betting by some bookies. Football handicap betting allows punters to change the odds by placing a goal handicap on either the favorite or underdog. That way it is possible to wager on the underdog to win, have them lose, but the punter still notches the win because they didn’t lose by enough goals. The other major benefit of handicap betting on football is that it takes the draw out of the equation – a big deal considering how often a match goes without a result. 
  • Ice Hockey – Ice hockey is yet another sport that benefits from removing the draw out of the equation when using handicap betting. Like football, handicap betting on Ice Hockey is about altering the odds by changing the required number of goals to win a game. For example, a handicap bet of +1 means your bet will win if your selection defeats their opponent or the game is drawn.
  • Golf – golf can be a difficult game to bet on. A tournament of 72 holes may feature 100 different golfers. You can, however, see some great odds by betting on individual rounds using handicap betting. This works by choosing how many shots under or over the par you think they’ll hit. Some superior golf knowledge is required to pull these wagers of but they’re certainly worth it.
  • Tennis – Tennis is another one of those games where you can win a handicap bet on the losing player. You can wager on individual sets and games using handicap betting. Place it just the right way and you can win the bet even when that player loses, simply because the winner required more points to beat your bet. 

The Best Sportsbook for Cricket Handicap Betting

The best online sportsbook for cricket handicap betting is Jet10 Casino. Jet10 is a live sportsbook – perfect for handicap betting of IPL and other short-format matches – and features handicap markets for a range of other popular sports too. Online betting at Jet10 Casino will net you the most competitive cricket betting odds and the experience is smooth and easy. 


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