When you win playing online casino games such as slots, blackjack, or a winning sports bet, you’ll be looking to make a withdrawal. Whether you’ve had a win fall playing online casino slots or you have walked away from the live online casino with a payday, withdrawing your winnings is actually incredibly easy.

To learn how to cash out after a session at the best online casino to win money Jet10 Casino – just follow our simple guide. 

How To Withdraw Money from Online Casino? 

Online casinos like Jet10 have made withdrawing your winnings an easy affair. Within a few quick clicks, your well-earned funds can be sent to you via a myriad of payment methods. 

To withdraw funds from the best online to win money, follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to your Jet10 Casino account
  • Navigate to your accounts and choose to withdraw
  • Nominate your withdrawal method and an amount to withdraw

Next, you’ll be brought to the payment gateway for the online casino payment method of your choice. Follow the prompts to complete the transaction. This might be inputting a 2FA code, banking details, card details, or using a mobile app. 


Online Casino Withdrawal Payment Methods 

Jet10 Casino supports many of the best online casino payment methods in the world. We cater to different jurisdictions too. For example, in Canada players can use Interac where other countries cannot, and popular e-wallet services like Skrill is supported in many countries that Jet10 Casino supports.

A player’s choice in withdrawal methods will depend on their needs and what is accessible to them. Here is a quick rundown of some popular payment methods at Jet10 Casino.

  • e-wallet – these digital payment platforms are great for anonymous banking and to keep your gaming funds separated from your main banking platform. Look for the likes of Skrill, NETELLER, and AstroPay.
  • Card payments – this refers to credit cards, pre-paid cards, and debit card payments. You could use the card provided by your bank. Remember that prepaid cards can only be used for deposits and there is no way to withdraw funds back to a pre-paid card. 
  • Cryptocurrencies – this is the most advanced form of payment method and the most secure. Cryptocurrencies are easier to use than one might think, and the withdrawal speeds can be as fast as less than 15 minutes. Just remember that cryptocurrencies are volatile assets, so their value can fluctuate rather wildly at times. 
  • Wire/Bank transfer – If you use a bank account, then you’ll know how to use this basic payment method. However, wire and bank transfers are the slowest of all online casino payment methods.

Online Casino Withdrawal Problems 

It shouldn’t happen often but sometimes issues can arise when attempting an online casino withdrawal. There are a number of scenarios that could explain why a player is unable to complete a withdrawal. 

  • Verification – in order to make a withdrawal at an online casino players need to pass the KYC or identity verification process. This is a simple procedure that involves providing some basic documentation to prove players are legitimate casino gamers and not using the operation to commit financial crimes. A KYC approval shouldn’t take longer than 24 – 48 hours and is very easy to complete. 
  • Rollover/Wager Requirement – even the best online real money casino will have wagering requirements for its online casino bonuses. Read them closely because you may find you are unable to withdraw any funds until these requirements are met. This is so players can’t simply withdraw bonus money for free.
  • Bank Error – this refers to any error on the payment service provider end. Whether it’s an e-wallet, debit card, wire transfer, or even a pre-paid card, an error can occur on the provider-end. There isn’t too much you can do in this instance other than contact the service provider for assistance.
  • Installments – It should be clearly stated in terms and conditions, but some online casinos will pay large withdrawals out in installments. We’re talking pretty hefty payouts here but if a player doesn’t read the terms and conditions closely, they may miss that a large withdrawal is being paid out in several installments rather than all at once. 
  • Human Error – some problems are just good old-fashioned human error. Unfortunately, it may also be your own human error. Double-check you’ve inputted the correct banking details or passwords when attempting to claim an online casino withdrawal. 


How Long Can a Casino Hold Your Money? 

So long as you play at a licensed online casino for real money – such as Jet10 Casino – there are many regulatory practices in play to ensure you always get your winnings. Technically, an online casino has many reasons to withhold paying out winnings. However, those reasons are in very unique and unlikely circumstances such as a malfunctioning game or incorrect verification details. 

It is always best to check the terms and conditions of any online casino for real money to be sure how long a casino can hold your money and for any other important details. 

Are There Any Transaction Fees? 

Some transactions simply cannot be processed for free. Thankfully, most can at an online real money casino. Fees are usually a small cost incurred for processing a transaction by an online casino. For example, some online casinos charge a 5 – 6% fee on credit card transactions to cover the cost charged by the credit card companies. 

Some transaction fees may also be incurred on the banking provider end too. For example, while cryptocurrencies are most often free at an online casino, there are often transaction costs on crypto networks – on average bitcoin fees range from $2 – $60. 

Can You Deposit and Withdraw Money with The Same Payment Method?

For the most part, yes you can. In fact, most online casinos will encourage players to use the same payment method for all transactions while others actually require that the payment methods for a withdrawal be the same as the deposit. 

There are some exceptions with payment methods that do not allow for withdrawals such as prepaid credit cards, Paysafecard, and AstroPay Card. 



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