Blackjack is a casino game played for decades worldwide and loved by players because it is based not only on luck but requires skills and knowledge. It has many variations, but whatever you choose to play, take your time to know the game’s table rules in the casino of your choice to place a wager. Blackjack rules may differ in the different casinos, as well as some game moves may be restricted, which may dramatically influence your initial strategy.

What is Card Counting in Blackjack?

Card counting is a technique used by gamblers to determine situations when the odds are in their favor. When they identify a favorable one, they would raise their bets or bet a smaller amount when finding themselves in a disadvantaged position.

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How To Count Cards In Blackjack With A Single Deck

You can count cards in both Blackjack variations – with a single deck and with multiple decks. Card counting in single-deck Blackjack is more likely to be easily understood by beginners and can provide a good chance for winnings. It can be very beneficial for gamblers, and because of that, not many online casinos offer a single-deck Blackjack. Card counting in this simple variant of Blackjack can be very profitable if a player applies the counting system correctly. A single deck is always a compound of 52 cards in 13 types, so the counting process can be mastered even by non-professionals.

Something that distinguishes single-deck Blackjack from the other variations, is that at the beginning, a player is dealt his first two cards face -down, instead of face-up. Although, the main principle of counting remains the same – You add or subtract the visible card’s value when dealt.


There are situations where things can become a little bit complicated and requires good counting practice.

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How To Count Cards In Blackjack With Multiple Decks

Cards counting in Blackjack with multiple decks can be as effective as single-deck counting but requires a different approach. The most famous system for counting is known as the Hi-Lo system. The player keeps on track with every dealt card on the table at the beginning of the game. Each card has a count value, which depends on the used counting method. See in the table the assigned card values in the Hi-Lo system.


  • True Count

The true count is determining the density of high and low cards in each deck. An accurate true count is when the running count is divided by the number of the undealt decks. For example: If you have reached a running count of +6, but two decks haven’t been dealt yet, the true count is equal to +6/2=+3. If the running count is negative, then the true count would be -6/2=-3.

Multi-deck counting requires a high concentration and practice to master, although it is not as hard to understand as it sounds. If you insist on learning the counting system and beat the dealer, keep on practicing. Soon, you will be surprised by how accurate you have become.

Where To Play Blackjack Online

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