Do you know why Jet10 is the online casino and betting site for you? Because it offers, any gambling means in one platform. Sports Betting, In-play betting, Virtuals Sports, Casino, and Live Casino whichever is your liking, you can play the best games in Jet10!

You can bet on virtual sports markets for all of your favorite sports, that is why Jet10 makes the best gaming providers available for you to play at any time. Jet10 offers excellent odds and competitive promotions to help you maximize your experience.

Jet10 has an excellent section to offer Virtual Sports betting for its players. The virtual betting markets are impressive and immersive. The odds are fully-featured in Jet10 Virtual Sports. The betting options will enjoy you.

What is “Virtual Sports”?

Inspired by real sporting events, some developers have come up with fantasy sports called virtual sports. The betting platforms have seen the opportunity in virtual sports, and they offer to wager for virtual sports. Virtual sports appeal both to casino games players and punters because the experience is in between.

Virtual games are simulations of sporting events. They are generated by software, which is why the outcomes are reliable; in other words, the Virtual Sports software supports algorithms that guarantee fair results. They are developed according to a set of rules.
If you have played Playstation before you know what we are talking about. Virtual Sports are just like real sports; think about Football. FIFA, for example, think about how FIFA games function. As you know, the game is a simulation of real football matches; the basic rules from real Football apply.

If you want to bet on Virtual Sports, you don’t have to wait for the weekend to come. You can bet on any virtual basketball game at any time of the day. Whenever I bet on the NBA, I have to wait until dawn to see if I win or not because I live in Europe, and the time difference is huge.

The Reason Jet10 offers Virtual Sports in a separate category of gaming content is the fans want to see the betting options in a well-designed layout. Both younger generations and long-time punters are attracted to Virtual Sports Betting. Jet10 sees the potential and tries its best to provide enthusiasts with the best experience.

Jet10 Virtual Sports and Games

Jet10 offers Virtual Football League with the widest selection of odds. Just like in the actual football markets, the players can wager on the team, the number of goals to be scored, which team is gonna score first, etc. In the Jet10 Virtual Sports section, you will see the markets from popular leagues, matches between the countries, and some big events such as the Virtual Football World Cup, the Champions League, or the African Cup. The betting types are ‘Correct Score’, Asian handicaps, ‘Over/Under 2.5 Goals’, and ‘Double Chance’ and all the others that you will encounter at a general sports betting platform for real sports.

Horses are the second popular choice of betting when it comes to Virtual Sports. And Jet10 has always known how to attract the gamblers, that is why the platform offers the best visual effects on Horse Racing for iGaming. Just pick your horse and take your chance! You can bet exactas, trifectas in horse racing. And there are Hounds in Virtual Sports. You will have all the features that greyhound races have in a virtual reality environment. The players will wager on the hounds with all the excitement and thrill they got from greyhound race betting. Jet10 Virtual Sports also offer Motor Racing, either on Formula 1 or NASCAR. There are also Virtual Basketball League, Table Tennis, Virtual Tennis Open, Virtual Touchdown, and Virtual Rugby if we may list the major sports you can wager on iGaming in Jet10.

One thing to keep in mind as you are betting on Virtual Sports, that the outcomes may not be as you would expect them to be. For example, an unforeseeable victory may happen for Hungary against Brasil in the World Cup. Or Shaktar Donetsk may score 5 goals against Real Madrid. Other than this very distinguished nuance, virtual sports betting is no different from regular betting, just stick with the general betting rules and you’ll be good. You may play it for fun, or you may see betting as an investment. Virtual Sports has the potential to boost your winnings and minimize your risks. There is no need for you to be unsuccessful if you know what you are doing! Virtual Sports Betting is an opportunity for many players to try something new.

Virtual Sports Betting

If you are planning on wagering in sports betting, you can try Virtual Sports first and measure your abilities. You don’t have to be knowledgeable in-depth to place a bet on virtual sports. Before you wager on sports, you need to evaluate the team or the sports players, see the statistic, follow the news, and so on. And there may be some unknown factors such as last-minute injuries. In virtual sports betting, you can just pick a side and wait for the results. The games won’t be cancelled. Some market profiles such as Instant Speedway has nothing to do with real life. You can place a bet without anticipating much. This way you’ll be only relying on your luck wherever you have active internet and have access to your Jet10 player account.

Jet10 assures its players that virtual sports betting is strongly regulated. The platform has all the necessary security measures to avoid any fixes or scams. The virtual sports matches are offered by the operator and the operator decides when the match is going to happen, that is why some people think that the operators can fix the match results, but that is not the case. All the games are developed by special algorithms, monitored by a special software, under strict supervision by third party regulators.

Another advantage for Virtual Sports Betting is that the players can fast-forward the game. You don’t have to wait for the match to end. The game ends instantly. You can bet for one match, consecutively wager on another. For example in Instant Velodrome, you can bet on the game at any given time. It is superb that you don’t have to wait for the game to take place. In Jet10, the Virtual Sports section is big enough for you to place a bet every other minute. You can bet on table tennis and then switch to Instant Trotting and bet again. It is more of an on-demand betting.

You can bet on hundreds of sports markets for all of your favorite sports in Virtual Sports Markets. Jet10 provides you with the top sports markets and the best gaming providers available. Jet10 team has been working hard to secure the best payment providers, games providers, and build a mobile-friendly site with the best odds and promotions.

Once again we would like to remind you that your personal data confidentiality is very important in Jet10 with the most recent protection software and well-tried security protocols. The staff handling the players’ data undergoes strict checks and they are obliged to abide by both the company rules regarding information confidentiality and overall ethical norms. In Jet10 you are in safe hands. The platform has a valid license from The Curaçao Government. But please be aware that The Curaçao Gaming License is restricted in some countries— Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Puerto Rico, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States are the countries where the players do not have access to Jet10.

Who doesn’t love getting bonuses? Jet10 promotions are the best means to give you additional funds to show your skill on the Virtual Sports games! If your main goal is to make risk-free profits, you will be provided with some extra cash to roll over. When you go to the promotions page you will be welcomed with the best new online betting promotions. To maximize your winnings in Virtual Sports, you can deposit and get one of the promotions offered by the platform. If you are serious you can make use of the VIP bonuses that will be awaiting you. There is something for everyone in Jet10. You can claim Jet10 bonuses both in mobile and desktop gaming. Jet10 always makes sure that every player picks up the best possible bonus to play with the best betting offers, and Virtual Sports Betting is one of them!

If you are new to Virtual Sports Betting and try to find your way out, you can refer to Jet10 FAQ. If you can’t find the right answer, you can contact the support team via Live Chat. Jet10 is the platform to make you satisfied in many aspects. They have a hard-working customer support team to help you with anything you might need. Provided you have questions about in-play betting and odds, the friendly and professional team will always be a click away to assist you 24/7.

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