With so many IPL winners and so many players that could claim to be the best cricketer in the world, it is a really tough choice to pick the King of the Indian Premier League. We scoured the IPL ranking list, checked all the wickets and IPL top scorer statistics, thought about the impact each player has made, and decided that Chris Gayle is the King of IPL.

Who Is the No 1 Player Of IPL? 

In our opinion, the best cricket player in the IPL was never in doubt. Sure, there are factors such as comparing a bowler’s worth to a batsman worth or if a good all-rounder trumps a great batsman? In the end, every one of our cricket experts at Jet10 agreed, the best cricket player in the world in the IPL is Chris Gayle.

While India’s own Virat Kohli is the all-time IPL top scorer, Chris Gayle’s record is hard to overcome. In 52 fewer innings than Kohli, Chris Gayle is around 1,000 runs shy of the IPL top scorer spot but with a better strike rate and average. It’s also hard to deny what Gayle has brought to the IPL in terms of excitement and connecting with a new audience. 

With an average of 40.24, a monstrous strike rate of 149.96, and significantly more sixes than any other batsman, Chris Gayle is our pick for the best cricket player to play the Indian Premier League.


We also put some thought into who the best captain in the IPL might be. Once again, there was little doubt since this player has taken his team to IPL ranking glory so many times. Rohit Sharma has taken the Mumbai Indians to all 5 of their IPL titles. With a record like that, it’s impossible to deny that Sharma is the best captain in the IPL today. Worth mentioning that Steve Smith, arguably the best cricketer in the world, is the 2nd best captain in the IPL with a win rate of 59% compared to Sharma’s 60%. 

Who Is the Best Team In the IPL? 

The claim to the best team in the IPL is a rather easy one. With more championship titles and more match wins than any other team, the Mumbai Indians are the greatest IPL winners. At 122 match wins, Mumbai has a win rate of almost 60%. Another reason why this team tops the IPL winners list is the 5 IPL title wins, making the Mumbai Indians the most successful team in the IPL today.

The highest score of the IPL goes to the Bangalore Royal Challengers with a massive 263/5. In fact, the 2nd highest score of the IPL also goes to the Challengers with 248/3. If you’re looking to bet on the IPL online, we think the Mumbai Indians, Royal Challengers, and Chennai Super Kings are strong favorites. 

IPL Highest Run Scorer 

The highest IPL top scorer is Virat Kohli with 6076 runs from 191 innings and at an average of 37.97. With numbers like that Kohli is typically a good batsman to wager on when online betting at Jet10. The IPL highest score by an individual goes to our No.1 player choice Chris Gayle with 175*.

The race to IPL top scorer will soon be a tight one. The top 6 batsmen on the list are all within a few runs of each other and several players are only around 600 runs off Virat Kohli. Kohli’s IPL success probably won’t shock many – after all he has often been considered the best cricket in the world alongside several other excellent players like Australia’s Steve Smith. 

How To Bet on IPL Matches? 

It’s so easy to bet on the IPL online using a sportsbook. At Jet10, we have made online cricket betting simple, through a clean user interface and a fast-betting process. We don’t think any punter will have a problem placing a sport bet at Jet10. However, for those who want to be sure, we’ve got the perfect guide to online IPL betting.

  • Sign up or log in to your Jet10 online casino account. Head to the sports section and you’ll see all of today’s live events. 
  • Choose cricket or directly search for your chosen IPL event that you wish to bet on.
  • Select the event and then pick a market. Nominate your stake amount and confirm the sports bet to finalize your wager. 
  • That’s all! Online gambling on the IPL is that simple. 

If you encounter any trouble placing a sports bet, the helpful team at Jet10 is always on call to lend a hand! 

IPL Betting Odds 

One of the best things about online betting on the Indian Premier League is the truly massive range of available markets. Online cricket betting, and the IPL especially, is one of those events where you can sports bet on almost every minute of the game. Not just the match-winner and the IPL score, you can bet on the first over, most sixes, how many ducks in an innings, the result of the coin toss, and almost anything you can think of.

That’s why IPL stats are so important to experienced cricket punters. Every second of the game is a potential sports bet opportunity. Online cricket betting odds are competitive at Jet10, so you’ll have no problem finding a wager in every possible IPL market.

Can’t wait for the IPL 2021 to start? Check out our IPL Betting 2021 Guide and learn useful tips on how to bet efficiently on IPL matches and win real money.

Best IPL Betting Site to Win Real Money

The best online cricket betting site for IPL has to be Jet10. You can sports bet on everything from IPL team position to the results of the very first over of a match. Wager on the IPL top scorer? That’s so easy at Jet10! For the very best online casino for real money and online sportsbook, choose Jet10 today. 

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