The premier Ice Hockey league in the world is undoubtedly the National Hockey League. The North American Ice Hockey league features the best players and the most exciting action. There are tons of ways to take advantage of NHL betting odds and make money betting on your favourite teams. 

To give punters a helping hand, our experts at Jet10 Casino have compiled some of their best free betting tips. With these NHL betting tips, you can develop your perfect strategy.

NHL Betting Strategies That Work 

There are many betting strategies out there but there are some fundamental NHL betting tips that form the basis for any strong NHL betting strategy. To place the best NHL bets possible, consider these free NHL betting tips from Jet10 Casino. 

  • Travel Schedules – The travel schedule can be gruelling in the NHL and punters can use this to their advantage when considering their NHL betting strategy. Look for teams that are playing back-to-back nights. These teams are more likely to slip up on the 2nd game. Keep your eyes peeled for those teams that must, unfortunately, play 3 games in 4 days or 4 games in 6 days.
  • Current Form – Even if your favourite team has a stellar overall record, you should always follow the current form. It doesn’t matter if a side won 80% of their games last season, it’s the last 3 – 5 games that really matter. 
  • Follow Streaks – It’s almost a guarantee every season. Teams will go on extended win or losing streaks. You don’t even need to explore the reason why, but many punters have success following these streaks. Try and spot one early and ride it until it’s over. This means just betting on a winning or losing team repeatedly until the streak ends. 
  • Puck Lines – Ice Hockey has a bet unique to the sport called Puck Line. You can look for situations that favour puck line wagers. For example, late-season games with a team trying to make the playoffs against a team whose season is over.

NHL Betting Trends 

Trends can provide great insight into which bets may be the most successful during the season. When considering your NHL betting predictions, it can be a good idea to think about trending outcomes. Below are 4 crucial NHL betting trends for 2021/22. 

  • Home Team Wins – 53.1%
  • Away Team Wins – 46.9%
  • Favourite Winners – 41.3%
  • Underdog Winners – 58.7%

NHL Most Popular Bets 

You’ll find a great number of exciting ways to bet on the NHL at Jet Casino. Among the many bet types are a few extremely popular bets. Punters from all around the world take advantage of the competitive NHL betting lines at Jet10 casino by placing the following popular bets. 

  • Straight Up – The most basic of wagers. This is just a simple bet on a winner. It could be the match-winner or an individual to score the most goals. These wagers aren’t very complex but still require some research to ensure a correct NHL betting prediction. 
  • Over/Under – These wagers are very popular among those making NHL betting picks. The Over/Under bet is a wager on the total goals scored in a single match. Essentially, you are betting that the combined score will either be over or under a set number. 
  • Puck Line – Puck line wagers are the Ice Hockey version of handicap betting. It is where a goal handicap is placed to enhance the punter’s odds since NHL games are generally low-scoring games. This bet is great for increased favourite payouts or to pick up a win with a losing underdog.  


NHL Live Betting Strategy 

Live NHL betting is the most exciting way to bet on your favourite Ice Hockey matches. The odds will change dynamically as the match wears on and there are plenty of ways to take advantage. We have 2 NHL bet tips worth considering before a round of live NHL betting.

  1. Look for tells – It’s not all about the score when it comes to live NHL betting. There are other signs that can indicate which way the game may be heading. For example, look for shot totals to see which team has spent the most time attacking the goalie. Also, think about any injuries and the performance of teams during power plays.
  2. Game flow – How the game is flowing can be a good indicator for under/over bets. You can sometimes see if the game is going to be a high-scoring affair or if there is a lot of time between goals.
  3. Match Winner – Sometimes you can use live betting odds to grab better match winner odds. Say you pick the underdog but aren’t super happy with the odds. Let the game start and the odds will shift – especially if an early goal occurs. 


What Is a Total Bet in NHL Betting? 

Total is another term for Over/Under bets and is sometimes used by punters. However, over/under is the more commonly used term in NHL betting.  A totals bet is a wager on the total number of goals scored in a game. This includes both teams. 

For example, a score of 4 – 2 would be a total of 6. If you were to bet Over 5.5, then this bet would be a winner. A bet of Under 5.5 would need the total goals scored to be 5 or less for the bet to be a winner. 


Where To Bet on NHL Games Online?

The best place for Ice Hockey betting, including NHL playoff betting, is Jet10 Casino. With loads of markets for every NHL match of the season, punters will have plenty of choice on Over/Under and Puck Line wagers. 

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