In 2021, there are so many ways to play live casino games including tons of poker variations. Whether you are into Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Casino Hold’em, or Caribbean Stud, an online live casino, like Jet10, has them all! One of the biggest considerations when playing poker is the poker hand rankings and the best poker hands to beat the competition. 

We have all the best poker hands detailed below, including an easy-to-follow poker hands chart for newbies. 

Poker Hands Rankings 

In any form of live casino poker online, poker hand rankings are crucial to winning. Poker cards can be built into various unique hands and the best poker hands always win. That means it’s important that poker players know how to build these hands so that they can develop a winning hand or identify when an opponent may be stronger. 

Here is a poker hands chart – perfect for new players of live casino poker.

  • Royal Flush – the best possible poker hand in almost every poker type. To hold a Royal Flush, the player must have an A, K, Q, J, 10 of the same suit. 
  • Straight Flush – picture a royal flush but without all the face cards. A straight flush is a poker hand made up of 5 consecutive cards of the same suit. For example, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 of Hearts.
  • Four of a Kind – the 3rd highest in the poker hand rankings. This is a 5-card hand that contains 4 cards of the same value – like a 5, 5, 5, 5, 7 or a J, J, J, J, 3.
  • Full House – the next highest hand in poker is the full house. A full house contains 3 cards of the same value and a pair of the same value. For example, 4, 4, J, J, J or K, K, J, J, J. 
  • Flush – you want all the same suit for this highest hand in poker. A flush is a 5-card hand containing any valued cards of the same suit. 


  • Straight – a straight is much like a straight flush, but it doesn’t need to be suited. A straight contains 5 consecutive cards of any suit. 
  • Three of a Kind – This is a 5-card hand that contains three cards of the same value and 2 that are unique to each other. For example, 5, 5, 5, K, 7 or Q, Q, Q, 4, 7. 
  • Two Pair – a 5-card hand that contains two unique pairs. For example, 2, 2, 7, 7, Q or K, K, 2, 2, J. You’ll find of all the poker hands, this one will be very frequent. 
  • Pair – of all the poker hands, this one will be seen the most. A hand containing a single pair and no other cards can be made into a ranking hand. For example, a K, K, 5, 9, Q. 
  • High Card – the bottom of the highest hand in poker hand rankings but still important. The high card is the highest valued card in your hand when that hand cannot be made into a ranking hand. The high card is also referred to when comparing hands between players that have the same ranking. 

Which Color Is the Strongest in Poker? 

Not the most commonly asked question in the world of poker but this refers to which suit is the strongest. Often when comparing high cards in a live casino game of poker, two players may have the same high card – but which is the strongest. 

The answer will vary from game to game. This is because there is no set rule for breaking ties between two cards. However, the most common ranking of the suits is in alphabetical order: so, from low to high we have clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades. Typically, in most live dealer online casino poker games, the pot is split between two players that have the same winning hand, rather than comparing suits. 

What Is the Most Common Poker Winning Hand? 

With 10 possible hands to win a live casino poker game with, there are certainly more than a few ways to win. However, there is one hand that statistically wins more live casino poker games than most. With the strongest poker hands also being the rarer poker hands, the most common winning hand is the Two Pairs. Research has shown that the Two Pair wins 31% of the time and surprisingly the single pair wins 27% of the time. So, don’t neglect those pairs!

Poker Hands Odds 

Determining poker hands’ odds in the most popular types of poker is no easy feat. Take Texas Hold’em poker, for example. You can easily determine the odds of receiving any ranking hand based on your own draw and the 5-card draw, but what about all the other players. You would then have to mathematically consider that other cards have also been potentially drawn too.


Can You Legally Play Poker Online?

First and foremost, you should always check the laws of your local country and region of residence before considering playing poker online. Live casino games offered at Jet10 are 100% legal and regulated. Jet10 live casino poker games are only offered in countries in which betting on casino games is currently legal. So, yes you can legally play poker games for real money online.  

Where Can You Play Poker for Real Money?

The best place to play live casino poker is at Jet10. With plenty of unique and classic poker games to choose from, poker fans will never always be spoilt for choice. Jet10 is a fantastic online casino for real money and even features a sportsbook with competitive odds. If you want to win with the highest hand in poker, the only place to play is at Jet10. 

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