Jet10 is an online entertainment platform offering the favorite online casino games with the best promotions. The primary objective of Jet10 is to meet all your casino needs in one place. One of the many offers on the platform is the Speedy 7 by Betgames.TV. You can play many other games provided by the top software developers as well. To start the fun with some fantastic live casino games, try the live dealer TV game Speedy 7.

How to Play Speedy 7?

It is a simple card game where the players predict one of the game’s only two outcomes. You are to bet on which colour card will be drawn from a deck of standard playing cards. The game is straightforward, but the trick is to hit the jackpot.

Speedy 7 Strategy and Rules

The game is played with six decks of 52 playing cards. To start the game, the dealer draws seven cards, and the deck is shuffled in every game round. Then the players can choose their stakes. The state options are €1, €3, €5, and €10. After the stakes, the players are expected to choose a colour: Red or Black. The colour card the dealer will draw from the deck will determine the winners.

In the gameplay, there are two jackpot chances. Only the layers that bet from the first drawn card and continue betting until the 7th card can join the jackpot round. When the seven-card combo forms a royal or straight flush, it is a jackpot!

Live Speedy 7 Payouts

In Speedy 7, the payouts change depending on the game’s outcome, but to win the jackpots, the players should bet a straight or royal flush.

Jet10: Best Casino to Play Speedy 7 for Real Money

Speedy 7 can be found in the live casinos that are powered by Betgames.TV. Jet10 is one of the casinos trying to offer the best service to its members. You can play Speedy 7 with the most generous bonuses in a legit and reliable environment. To enjoy your gambling session, you can set up an account in Jet10, and deposit with one of the many payment solutions.

Play Live Speedy 7

The Speedy 7 game is not like many classical casino games; it is fast and straightforward. The players can casually play the game without any strategy. It is becoming a popular live casino game in the gambling industry. Only the best casinos offer the game, and we assure you that Jet10 is the right place to play Speedy 7 by Betgames.TV. Jet10 is a safe entertainment platform, offering the most amazing promotions and bonuses with the help of a fantastic customer support team.

Best Live Casino Bonuses

Jet10 doesn’t hold back when it comes to offering nonstop promotions for its players! First, you can sign up and claim your welcome offer, and wait for the other bonuses to come. Jet10 is always trying to make sure that every player picks up the best possible casino bonus to play with the best casino games! Get the best casino bonuses HERE!

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