Jet10 is your new home for sports betting and casino. If you live and breathe hockey, love football, or constantly battle with the choice between red and black then Jet10 will be your first address for gambling!

You can bet on hundreds of sports markets for all of your favorite sports. Jet10 provides you with the top sports markets and the best gaming providers available. Jet10 team has been working hard to secure the best payment providers, games providers and build a mobile-friendly site with the best odds and promotions and now you can take advantage of all their work!

How to Place Sports Bet on Jet10?

It is very easy and straightforward to place a bet in Jet10. Just log into your account and go to the sports betting section Jet10 will present you with plenty of options. Find the event you want to bet on and click on it.

Once you have selected the bet you wish to place, it will be added to your betting slip. On this step, you need to select the amount you wish to bet with and confirm your bet.

It is possible to bet on multiple events, we will talk about this on the following subject of this article. You can simply add multiple selections to your betting slip. You can then bet on each individual selection, or the combined odds of all of your selections, known as an accumulator. Let’s look at the details.

Jet10 Betting Markets

There are in total 21 major betting markets in Jet10. The markets have their own divisions. As you can imagine the biggest market is Football with 314 divisions. This is huge. On a Saturday, you’ll find thousands of events to bet on. The football markets are the most popular betting markets in the gambling industry, so Jet10 knows how to level up the game by offering a huge selection of events to its players. You’ll find Bundesliga, Premier League, Serie A, and African Leagues, Turkish Super League, Mexica Liga MX, Australia A-League, and many more. Table Tennis follows Football with 110 divisions. E-football has 59 submarkets and Martial arts has 50. The interesting one is Politics. You’ll find presidential election odds on The US Elections or you can make a guess on who will be elected as Lithuanian President? There are around 30 events waiting for the players to bet on. You’ll find other betting markets such as:

Basketball (36), Ice Hockey (26), Volleyball (6), American Football (16), Aussie Rules (9), Rugby League (8), Cycling (2), Snooker (1), Politics (40), Darts (28), Cricket (1), Badminton (3), Rugby Union (4), Boxing (12), E-Sports FPS (8), E-Sports MOBA (27), E-Basketball (8).

Jet10 Sports Bet Options and Popular Bet Types

The bet types in Jet10 are as follows:

The “single bet”:

It is a bet with one outcome of the betting chosen. The winning happens with a correct guess— it is the multiply of the stake amount with the betting odds.

The “combined bet”:

It is a bet with more than one (between 2-30 events) outcome of the betting event chosen.

The “systemic bet”:

It is a bet with more than one outcome of the betting event chosen. Each outcome of the betting event shall be at least once linked to another outcome.

The “conditional bet”:

It is a bet with one outcome of the betting event chosen where such outcome is linked to the additional condition upon occurrence of which the incorrect guess of the outcome of the betting event shall not be deemed to be a failure of the Customer.

The “stop bet”:

The bet is with more than one outcome of the betting chosen with the possibility to cash out of the winning.

Other Possible Options of the Outcomes of Betting Events are as follows:

In the Threeway handicap, the bettor selects a three-way handicap then goals, points, or other forms of scoring are added or subtracted from the final result. The bet depends on the players’ selection. The bet is won or lost when the final result, including the handicap selection, is in favor of the selected team. The result may be a draw, then the handicap draw selection is considered a winner and other selections are losers.

An Asian Handicap offer is actually a double handicap bet. Let us explain. The bet is split into two separate parts. If you bet a 100 on Asian Handicapped, with the correct outcome, you’ll get a 50. In an Asian Handicap, the final winnings can be less than the original bet as there are two selections made, this means that one could win and the other could lose.

Jet10 offers the chance to ‘Cash Out’ your bets while the game is still in play. When the circumstances change on your bet, you can take your money out early before the final result then you can simply ‘Cash Out’. You can go to your ‘Betting History’ and select the ‘Cash Out’ feature, it is very simple to implement. The amount you can cash out will depend upon the current score. Please be reminded that in rare circumstances you can only cash out an amount smaller than your original bet or in good circumstances, the amount may be more than your initial winnings might have been.

An Asian Total bet works very similarly to an Asian Handicap bet. The bet is split into two separate parts. The only difference is that the bet is not placed on the final score. The players bet on the total number of goals, points etc. instead. The winnings can equate to less than the initial amount wagered if one side of the bet comes in and the other does not.

Jet10 Betting Odds

Betting odds tell you how likely an event is to happen, they also tell you how much money you will win. However, at first, they may seem confusing and complex. Before you bet, one of the first things you should do is learn how betting odds work. Getting to know your odds, allows you to understand how likely an event is to happen, and what your potential winnings will be. Odds may appear confusing at first. Betting odds represent the ratio between the amounts staked by parties to a wager or bet. As an example, the odds of 3 to 1 mean the bookmaker stakes three times the amount staked by the punter.

In Jet10, the odds work like in any other betting platform. But before you play, there are some points we want to remind you. The betting odds can range from 1 to 15,000. However, if you pull off a combined bet, the maximum betting odds can be 7,500.

The odds are determined on the probability of the come out, meaning; the greater the mathematical probability of guessing the outcome of the betting event, the lower the betting odds shall be. The lower the mathematical probability of guessing the outcome of the betting event, the greater the betting odds shall be applicable. So, Lower odds shos the probability of the favourite of the event and higher odds for the outsider of the match.

The operators increase the odds to reduce the customer’s probability of guessing the outcome of the betting event by means of a handicap. The odds shall be reduced by increasing the customer’s probability of guessing the outcome of the betting event by means of a handicap.

The minimum stake amount for the outcome of one single bet or combined betting event. In the same combination of the systemic bet, the minimum stake shall be €1 (one Euro). While the maximum stake amount is separately set for each type of sports, championship, or other betting event or each bet separately in the betting offers.

If the combination includes the outcomes of the betting events with different maximum amounts, the maximum amount of such bet will definitely be the lowest maximum stake amount in the chosen combination.

Jet1 can reduce the maximum stake amounts for an individual customer and Jet10 can also restrict participation in remote gaming for the persons who breach the provisions of the betting regulations or play in a bad faith manner. If necessary, Jet10 can limit the maximum stake amount for such players without any further notice. The platform is very sensitive when it comes to fair gaming, and any malicious activity is banned by the successful team behind the betting platform.

Finally, different regions show betting odds in different ways. You may prefer one type of display to another. Jet10 offers fractional (1/2), decimal (1.50), and American (-200) for its players. Those decimals can be changed at the bottom of the Jet10 page in the footer. To change, all you need to do is to click on whichever odds display system appears and a drop-down menu will open to allow you to choose your preferred option.

Above, you have seen the very fundamentals of sports betting in Jet10. When in doubt feel free to refer to the Betting Rules and the FAQs on the Jet10 page. To make sure you are always satisfied the customer support team is ready to help you with anything you might need. The friendly and professional team will always be a click away to assist with even the smallest of problems. The team will be happy to help whenever you require— during holidays or late at night, the dedicated customer service team works 24/7 to give you the best online gaming experience.

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August 25, 2020
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