Thanks to the popularity of the World Series of Poker, Texas Hold’em took the online casino world by storm. Now one of the most popular reasons to sign up to Jet10, Texas Hold’em poker is one of the best gambling casino games in the world. But what are the Texas Hold’em rules and are there any handy betting tips? Read on for our ultimate guide at Jet10.

Texas Hold’Em Betting Rules 

Texas Hold’em games may seem complicated when you watch the World Series of Poker on TV, but it’s actually easier than you think. The poker hands are the same as most poker games and the mechanics are quick to pick up. While there are variations of Texas poker, such as no limit and mixed Texas Hold’em, the basic rules remain the same. So, here are the basics of Texas Hold’em Poker.

  • To begin, each player is dealt two cards, face down – only you may view your cards.
  • The dealer will then reveal three cards. Players may now bet or fold their cards. Players can raise bets or simply call to continue the poker game. To call, a player must bet the same amount as the previous bet.
  • The dealer will then reveal another card followed by another round of betting.
  • Finally, the dealer will reveal a final 5th card. The remaining players must use these 5 cards to make the best possible hand, out of their own two cards from the initial deal.
  • The reveal of player cards is known as the showdown and whoever holds the best poker hand will win the pot!

As you can see, gambling in Texas poker is incredibly easy. You can also play live dealer Texas poker games at Jet10 – the live dealer can also help explain any rules if you get stuck.

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Texas Hold’em Hands & Card Rankings 

If you know the fundamentals of poker, then you’ll already be an expert at Texas Hold’em poker hands. That’s because Texas Hold’em hand rankings are quite standard. For those new to poker, we’ve gone ahead and provided you with a complete guide to Texas poker hand rankings. 

  • Royal Flush – consisting of an A, K, Q, J, and 10 of all the same suit, this is the best possible hand in Texas poker. 


  • Straight Flush – the straight flush is any 5 consecutive cards of the same suit. So, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 of Diamonds would be a straight flush. 


  • Four of a Kind – sometimes referred to as “quads” by some live casino online dealers, this poker hand consists of four cards of the same value. Such as 4, 4, 4, 4 or J, J, J and J.


  • Full House – this Texas hold ’em poker hand consists of three cards of the same value and two cards of a different value. For example, J, J, J & 3, 3. 


  • Flush – the flush poker hand is five cards of the same suit. The values don’t matter at all here. 


  • Straight – you can probably guess this one by now. The straight is a Texas poker hand of five consecutive cards but not of the same suit. 


  • Three of a kind – like the four of a kind poker hand, this consists of three cards of the same value. So, Q, Q, Q would be three of a kind. 


  • Two Pair – so the two pair is a poker hand that consists of two separate pairs such as 4, 4 and K, K. 


  • Pair – just a single pair this time. This Hold’em hand has any two cards of the same value and nothing else. 


  •  High Card – it might sound great, but this is the worst hand. This means none of your cards can be made into a ranking hand. The high card is whichever card holds the highest individual value. So, in a hand of 3, 6, 9, J, K, the King would be the high card. 


Texas Hold’em Betting Strategy 

Honestly, there are a million and one ways to play poker. Players have devised their own tried and tested strategies and there are plenty of well-document ways to play too. We’ve handpicked 3 strong ways to play Texas Hold’em online at Jet10. With these poker betting tips, you’ll be ready for an online poker tournament in no time!

  • Too many hands – a trap many new players can fall into is playing too many poker hands at the start of the game. These players feel overconfident in their abilities and think they can outplay most opponents regardless of the quality of their hands. This is rarely the case and it’s a great way to burn through your cash fast. Play should be based on how strong your poker hand is when you are starting out rather than just calling every bet.
  • Aggressive play – there are two types of poker players. Aggressive and passive. Passive Texas Hold’em players don’t bet or raise often which means they must solely rely on quality hands. The biggest winners, however, are aggressive players that force folds by raising and bring games to the showdown. 
  • Try a slow play bet – this is an advanced Texas Hold’em strategy that aims to make the player appear weak so that other players will be enticed to play. You’ll try to bet at little as possible without raising the bet if you can. Try to milk as many chips as possible from your opponents. Of course, this Texas Hold’em strategy only works if your poker hand is strong. 




Betting Online on Texas Hold ‘Em

At Jet10, you can bet on Texas Hold ’em poker in a variety of ways. Online table games are great virtual representations of poker games and perfect for honing your skills. The live casino platform is ultimate Texas hold ’em platform – play different types of Texas poker like no limit hold’em! 

With the betting tips you have learned today, you’ll have no problem getting to the showdown against players from around the world. So, sign up today, grab that online casino welcome bonus, and play Texas Hold’em today! Check out the latest Jet10 promotions before you play Texas Hold’em.

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