One of the most often discussed topics among slot players is that of the RTP. It is the gold standard for choosing which slot game to play for and you won’t find a slot review on this planet that doesn’t emphasize some focus on the RTP. But what is the RTP and how does it affect online gambling for real money? Our slot experts at Jet10 break down the meaning of variance, RTP and offer a guide to finding the highest RTP slots to play online.

What does RTP stand for? 

RTP stands for Return to Player. The Return to Player is a statistical calculation of how generous a casino game is programmed to be. You can easily find the RTP of any slot game by either heading to the website of the software provider for your chosen game, reading one of our expert slot reviews, or many titles will detail the RTP within the paytable. 

How Does the RTP Work for Slots? 

The Return to Player of online casino slots is a calculation made over tens of thousands of spins. The given percentage is the expected return if a player were to wager for that extended period of time. Obviously, the game is still random, and anything could happen. But generally speaking, it is a good assessment of how profitable a machine should be. 

For example, an RTP of 96% would suggest that for every $100 invested into the slot game, the player should expect to see a $96 return. However, this is not always the case and players need to understand their actual return may be far lower or higher. 

The RTP is set by the software provider and there are several regulators who perform tests on real money slot games to make sure they are fair and accurate. Players can determine their own RTP by playing the game over a long period of time and taking note of payout frequencies and the amounts. 

What Games are Considered to Have a High RTP? 

Generally, an RTP around 95-96% is considered the be the average. An online gambling slot with an RTP above 96% can be considered high. If the RTP is around 98-99%, you’ve got a very high RTP slot on your hands. A good slot to play would be a 96-97% RTP slot with a medium variance – this is an online slot game that will offer fair wins and feature at least one bonus game to produce higher wins than the base game. 

The Difference Between RTP and Variance 

Another common statistic you will encounter when playing online casino slots is known as a variance. While the RTP is an idea about how much one can expect to see paid out, the variance refers to how often and in what manner that payout is likely to be. Variance is classified into 3 distinct categories: Low, Medium, and High. 

On one end of the scale, low variance refers to a slot that pays out often, but at very low amounts – maybe 5 – 10x the bet. A high variance means players can expect the wins to be far less frequent, but at a higher pay scale – say, 50 – 100x the stake and often feature bonus payouts around 3,000x or more. A medium variance slot sits somewhere in between the two ends of the scale. 

Slots With High RTP to Test 

At Jet10 casino, we have some of the highest RTP slot games in the industry. When online gambling for real money, you’ll often be searching for high RTP video slots. To make life that little bit easier, here are a couple of slots with the highest RTP at Jet10.

Where To Play High RTP Slots Online?

There truly is only one place to find the best high RTP slots online – Jet10 casino and sportsbook, of course! The highest RTP casino slot machines can be found amongst our monstrous collection, including jackpot slots like Dr. Fortuno. Just sign up, make that first deposit, collect your rewarding casino bonus and enjoy hundreds of the best online casino slots with the highest RTP.



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